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Ceylon Black Tea

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Ceylon Black Tea

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Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Black Teat is produced on the island nation of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, it has an enormous range in elevation, climate, soil type and weather, so the flavors and character of the teas produced there vary greatly. Despite the regional nuances, a classic Ceylon flavor is generally thought to be bold, full, and brisk. It has medium-to-full tannins and some notes of citrus, chocolate, or spice.
Ceylon Black Tea are made from the dried leaves, are often described as wiry because they are left long and thin with a wirelike look, is processed by hand, making a brisk, bright tea.
Ceylon Black Tea is typically consumed as a refreshing beverage, freshly brewed and hot, or as an iced tea. Lemon, sweeteners, and/or milk may be added to smooth its strong flavor and reduce bitterness. Because of its caffeine and brisk qualities, it makes for a good morning or afternoon tea.

Tea (Camellia sinensis).

Use one teaspoon per cup (250 ml).
Pour on boiling water and leave to stand for 3/4 minutes.


Store closed in a cool, dry place without direct exposure to sunlight.

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